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Create the Life of Your Dreams…

What could you accomplish given the right tools and mindset? At Quantum Results, we know that you can create the amazing life of your dreams! The ability to tap into your subconscious mind and reprogram thoughts that are no longer serving you can change everything.  As your mentors and guides, we have the tools and expertise to help you do just that and achieve the results leading to the dream life you desire!

We love helping people to live exactly the way they want to, with financial freedom, time freedom and peace of mind.

Today we live EXACTLY the way we want~life on our terms and we would love to help you to live your life exactly as you desire.


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There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses – only results.

Ken Blanchard



Charge Forward

Offerings Created With  Results in Mind

Quantum Launch is our introductory 3-month self-study package. Perfect for the self starter to get quick results.

Thinking Into Results and TIR Plus are our signature offerings! These two programs will help you dive deeper into your goals with the Quantum Results team with 6 full months of guided study.

Elite Life Mastery is available for those ready to make big, lasting life changes with high stakes goal achievement! ELM includes TIR Plus and 18 one on one intensive training sessions over 9 months.

Ready to transform your life? The Quantum Results Team is here to facilitate your growth and take the journey with you to your next level and beyond!

Results Speak for Themselves…

We work with clients every day to clearly identify a vivid vision of their dream life and the results they desire. We then to guide them through a proven process of success once they’ve made a committed decision to go for their vision.

Once they achieve the first dream goal, they are in a position to build bigger and better dreams, and they repeat the process over and over again, and start to live a fulfilled dream life with results that speak volumes. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

“Peggy and Dan expertly guided our Executive Leadership Team through the Thinking Into Results program. By the end of the course work and discussions, we not only became a more unified team, but we became aware of our greater potential as a company and set bigger and better goals, ones that we hadn’t really considered were possible before. I feel we’ve transformed our culture into a “can do” mindset and have become a more highly functioning and effective team”
Jeff Kutok

Chief Scientific Officer, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

“Peggy and Dan guided our Executive Leadership Team through the Thinking Into Results program and in the process we became more unified as a team and emboldened to achieve our mission. We set bigger and better goals and became more effective, trusting and efficient as a leadership team, which raised the bar for the entire company.
Seth Tasker

General Counsel, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

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When our Product Leadership Team was asked to participate in the Thinking Into Results Program, we were skeptical of yet another corporate training program. But then, when we met Peggy and Dan and started the 6-month program, we realized this program was far more valuable than we anticipated. Peggy and Dan, together with this program, guided our team to overcome obstacles to our success and realize higher levels of performance than we thought possible. Thinking Into Results is now part of our team culture as we use this material to achieve goal after goal.”

Karen McNamera

Sr. Director, Product Develolopment, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

Eden, Utah